Do You Need To Hand Over Seluvis Potion Or Not?

Seluvis’s Cure Received a small vial from Preceptor Seluvis. While working for Ranni, the Sorceress, you will come across a person named Seluvis. Although Seluvis should not be trusted, you will compel to do so to continue serving Ranni.

The game’s plot can advance by using a variety of key items that can be acquired from relevant NPCs or found in specific locations to open new areas and quests. This article explains hand over seluvis potion or not Elden ring.

What Happens If I Give The Potion To Seluvis?

You can give Gideon the elixir when you speak to him. Then he will throw it away and instruct you to tell Seluvis a falsehood. It is the finest choice because it enables you to complete Dung Eater’s and Nepheli Loux’s quests. Seluvis will also assume that the elixir was ineffective, allowing you to continue your mission.

To whom should you deliver Seluvis’ potion in Elden Ring?

All of the NPCs in Seluvis’ quest which you can gift the potion to are listed below:

To whom should you deliver Seluvis' potion in Elden Ring
  • You can still purchase Elden Ring sorceries from Seluvis if you deliver the potion to Gideon and inform him that you comply with his request.
  • Nepheli will become a doll, depart Roundtable Hold shortly after, and become Seluvis’s indestructible slave if you give her the potion. Her quest ends here, but you can purchase her spirit summon from Seluvis.
  • There is also a third option, to save the potion and give it to the Loathsome Dung Eater when you discover his physical form in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds under Leyndell, Royal Capital. By doing this, Seluvis can also call the Dung Eater.

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Should I Hand Over Seluvis Potion To Gideon

If you give the potion to Sir Gideon Ofnir rather than Nepheli, the quest line will urge you to do so. Gideon will ask you to inform Seluvis that you have given Nepheli the elixir after you have given it to him.

Seluvis won’t suspect you and will nonetheless consent to instruct you in magic. Once you have completed enough of Seluvis’s task and have spoken with Sir Gideon about Nepheli, you can give Seluvis’s potion to him instead of using it on Nepheli.

Should I Hand Over Seluvis Potion To Gideon

After you’ve given the elixir to Nepheli, Sir Gideon Ofnir will instruct you to return to Seluvis and pretend that you gave the potion to Nepheli. He is so far up his arse, according to Ofnir, that he won’t detect anything.

He doesn’t alter his response at all, which supports the claim. Seluvis continues to provide magic instruction and makes no changes to his questline; In both situations, the outcome is the same. Whom should you administer the potion to now is the issue.

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Hand Over Seluvis Potion Or Not

Ofnir states that your plan would be a waste if you decide not to give him Seluvis’s potion. Although I don’t need her right now because she isn’t herself, she still has promise.

These two choices aren’t that great, to be honest. Giving the potion to Sir Gideon doesn’t grant you anything regarding gameplay, even though giving it to Nepheli is wrong from a moral standpoint. Fortunately, Seluvis’s elixir has a third choice. They are giving the medicine to the Dung Eater.

Hand Over Potion Elden Ring To Nepheli

Is it preferable to give Nepheli the potion or not? Should you give Nepheli in Elden Ring the potion? No, there are superior alternatives. While earning the Dolores puppet Spirit summons, giving the potion to Nepehli prevents you from participating in her mission. Gideon, the grumpy guy at the desk outside the Table of Grace room, will discard the potion if you speak with him instead.

You must complete a portion of the Nepheli Loux questline to deliver Nepheli the potion. She is seated at Roundtable Hold near the foot of the stairs. You can obtain Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet by giving Nepheli the potion after discovering the marionette in Seluvis’ secret laboratory.

However, Pidia in Caria Manor is also where you can get this eventually. I advise against doing this, as it will prevent you from completing Nepheli’s questline.

Should I Hand Over Seluvis Potion To Dung Eater?

You can administer Seluvis’s elixir to the Dung Eater if you progress far enough in the questline for the Dung Eater. By doing so, he will transform into a marionette that you can use similarly to the other puppets you can buy from Seluvis.

Should I Hand Over Seluvis Potion To Dung Eater

The best option for Seluvis’ questline is giving the potion to the Dung Eater without question. You not only get to uphold your principles and save Nepehli, but you also get the spirit to summon Dung Eater.

Benefits From Seluvis Potion

The rewards you receive rely on the decision you make. You will obtain Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet Spirit Ash after discovering the potion in Seluvis’ Hidden Laboratory. Still, you can only continue Nepheli’s Questline if you give it to Nepheli.

You won’t get any spirit ash if you deliver the potion to Sir Gideon Ofnir. You can carry on with Nepheli’s Questline.

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