Pro Strategies of Gomoku on GamePigeon And iMessage

Five in a Row is the nickname for Gomoku on Gamepigeon. It is a board game of abstract strategy. A Go board is mostly played with (black and white stones) known as Go pieces. Unlike in the past when a 19×19 board was the norm, it is now played on a 15×15 board. Gomoku is typically played without moving or removing any pieces from the board.

It can be known as a pencil and paper game. Under several titles, this game was highly well-known in numerous nations. When I want to learn how Gomoku is played on Game Pigeon, I am at the right spot, where I could learn how to win with my opposition.

Gomoku is a simple and best game that is offered by Game Pigeon. There are some key factors that you should know if you want to be a good Gomoku participant. It is a game that is played with our brains. It was a very addictive game when I started playing it. If you want to know how to play Gomoku on gamepigeon or iMessage Read The Hole Article.

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Rules of Gomoku on Gamepigeon

The game is played on a 19×19 tiled board but can also be played on a smaller board depending on my mood and how I wish to play.

method of playing Gomoku

During the game, you should Follow These Steps:

  • Continually block the opposing four and then assume.
  • Use your opponent’s time
  • Continually test the placement after the opposition moves and doesn’t play immediately.
  • Have a plan and comply with it or modify it.
  • Reflect on the game’s future development and find flow to help in a future role.

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Pro Strategy of Playing Gomoku on Gamepigeon:

This game is played with round, small black and white pieces known as stones. These black and white pieces should be divided fairly between both players. The black stone will always get the first turn to move. If you are a smart and good player of Gomoku then you should choose a black color at first so that you always get a chance to win because you are one move ahead of your opposition.

Strategy of Playing Gomoku

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Method of Playing Gomoku:

It is a traditional Japanese board game. In this game, two players tried to be the first ones to start the game and put five pieces in a row on the board. One player has all the black pieces and the Second Player has all the white pieces. The player having black pieces goes first. It placed the black piece in one of the inner sections met by the squares on the board.

The player with the white piece takes the turn. Then both players continued taking turns and placing pieces on the board. Your pieces are close collectively, meaning you may win in any direction you can create a line. The first player has to get five in a row to win the game.

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The goal of Gomoku:

The goal of the Gomoku game is to get five pieces in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally by blocking the other player getting five in a row first.

Steps to Play Gomoku on IMessage:

Steps to Play Gomoku on IMessage
  1. Open the iMessage app first on your iPhone.
  2. After this open the chat of the person whom you want to play with.
  3. Click the “App Drawer” icon which is placed at the bottom of that app.
  4. Now there are some new options in front of you, click on the “App Store” icon.
  5. Then in the search panel, enter “Game Pigeon” and then click on the “Get” option.
  6. After installation of “Game Pigeon” close the App Store and again go to the “App drawer”. Here you will find the new “Game Pigeon” icon, click on that icon.
  7. When the “Game Pigeon” was launched, there were many games in front of you to play. You can click the Gomoku game to start your game.
  8. When the loading is finished, click the send option.  The other person will get the first chance to start playing the game.
  9. The first player who moves the stone has to put that stone on the intersection and click the send option. After clicking on the send option, you can now change the place of the stone. You have to place at the right place if you want to play the game well.
  10. When you try to place the five stones in a row, the other player has to block your way and place the stone in your sequenced line, then he/she may get a chance to win the game.

The main benefit of playing games on iMessage is that you don’t have to play the entire game in one sitting. Simply take your turn whenever you have the opportunity, and the other player will also do the same.

How to Win Gomoku on iMessage:

Here are some tips that should be followed for winning the Gomoku game:

  • Use your opponent’s turn to think about your move.
  • Focus on your first 10 moves.
  • Learn your opponent’s style and strengths.
  • Block your opponent from achieving an open 4.
  • Create two attacking lines at the same time for an aggressive strategy.
  • Study the game of better players to gain experience.

When you install Gomoku on your device, you can send a game invite to your friend and start playing. But before starting the Gomoku game you should know how to play Gomoku on iMessage.

How do you win Gomoku every time?

If you block the other player’s row every time then you may win every time.

What is the goal of Gomoku?

The goal of this game is to build a row of five consecutive stones of the same color.

What is Gomoku in English?

Gomoku in English is known as “An abstract strategy board game”.

Can you tie in Gomoku?

In Gomoku, there is no concept of a tie in the game because in this game tie means to try again in the next or new round.

Who is the best Gomoku player?

“Yixin Sun Kaiis the best Gomoku player.

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