Where Is The Tank Engine In Fortnite & How to Disable it?

Tanks in Fortnite are helpful because they are heavily armed and equipped to blast anything. These Titan tanks, which the Imagined Order brought to the Fortnite island to fortify their defenses. Its massive mounted cannon can destroy numerous structures. And the armored layers offer plenty of protection for those fortunate enough to be inside.

They are not fully impervious; even moderate damage to their delicate treads will cause them to need repairs to resume rolling. I have all the Fortnite Tanks locations for you if you wish to take control of a mobile armory. In this article, I’ll describe where is the engine on a tank in Fortnite.

Fortnite Tanks Location

Destroying a tank’s engine is one of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 tasks. By identifying tank positions before a hostile player or an IO Guard does, you can complete this task rapidly. By finishing this challenge, you will get 20,000 XP, which you may spend to unlock skins from the newest battle pass.

The tanks are actually rather simple to locate. Where the airships are going, they can find everywhere. There are a total of 8 tanks visible on the map. You can find all of the locations on the Fortnite map here:

Fortnite Tank Locations

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Cavern of Command

Even two tanks can find here. A tank parking lot can see to the east and west of Command Cavern. Both locates at the mountain’s base.

The Fortress

You can discover a tank in the massive drill drilled through the map in Season 1 at the Fortress. But watch out, Doctor Slone is antagonistic towards you and is also present here.

Titled Towers

My favorite Tilted Towers also spawns a tank. The tank is in the center of the space.

Rocky Reels

The tank is in the middle of Rocky Reels.

Canyon Condo

The tank spawns in the southernmost portion of Condo Canyon.

Daily Bugle

The tank at the Daily Bugle is halfway under the enormous airship, outside the crater in the southern part of the city.

Crossroads in Coney

The Coney tank locates on the bridge east of the city.

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How To Destroy Tank Engine Fortnite?

Such a tank is quite resilient. It has 2,500 lives overall. Fortunately, you can eliminate a weak place to make it simpler to take out the driver. At the front of the tank, directly beneath the tank turret, is a small hatch. You will expose the driver to danger if you damage this hatch.

How To Destroy Tank Engine Fortnite?

Additionally, you can shoot the tank’s two back plates to render it inoperable by overheating the engine, or you can blast the tank’s tracks to reduce its mobility. Throw C4 to disable the tank engine Fortnite and cause serious damage if you have any on hand.

How To Disable A Tank Engine In Fortnite?

The Titan Tank’s engine situates at the back of the vehicle, just like most tanks in real life. It has no protective covering, so players don’t need to worry about getting past any armor plating.

How To Disable A Tank Engine In Fortnite?

Players only need to aim at the engine to disable it. Once it catches fire, the vehicle will be momentarily inoperable. The tank won’t be able to move during this time. Players should know that the main battle cannon and turret will still be functional.

After finishing the mission, players should proceed with caution when leaving the tank. Sniping at the engine from a distance is an effective strategy to avoid suffering damage. Any weapon with good mid-range accuracy should work if a heavy sniper is not in the area.

How To Disable A Tank By Damaging The Engine Fortnite?

To finish this seasonal challenge, you must locate a tank and stop its engine. The vehicle’s rear is home to a tank with an engine resembling two yellow fan vents. Any weapon, including a Lightsaber, can stop the tank’s motor.

How To Disable A Tank By Damaging The Engine Fortnite?

If you disable the engine, there won’t be any explosions, and no one inside can shoot or drive the car anymore, so don’t worry about getting hurt. A notice alerting you that the tank engine is disabled will display when it sustains a few hundred damage points, and the engine will glow orange and red.

It will finish Week 7’s challenge and give 20k XP right away. After that, you can recover seven stolen supplies at IO areas and earn extra XP by using the Cow Catcher to damage constructions.

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