Where To Get Maiden Blood Elden Ring | Ways & Location

I’ll assume that if you’re after Elden ring maiden blood, you’ve already begun White Mask Varre’s questline and have advanced it until he urges you to invade other players. You still need to follow his instructions until he departs Limgrave and travels to Liurnia.

He would eventually go to the Rose Church in Liurnia, just south of Raya Lucaria Academy and a little to the northeast of the Boilprawn Shack, to continue his journey. He will spend most of his quest here.

Where to get the maiden blood Elden ring? You can go to the Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring and find a dead maiden on the top to obtain the Maiden’s Blood. Alternately, you can use a portal to travel to the Chapel of Anticipation, where you’ll discover a maiden’s dead body in a room up some stairs.

What Is A Maiden Elden Ring?

The first NPC you will see in White-Faced Varre is a maiden in Elden’s ring. You’ll want to finish as many quests as possible during your game. You’ll encounter a task that needs maiden blood after spending a few of White-Faced Varre’s objectives.

Where To Get Maiden Blood Elden Ring

Even in Demon’s Souls, a particular maiden served as a sort of priest and could be spoken to raise one’s stats. The Finger Maiden, also known as Melina, now fills that position in Elden Ring.

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The Best Way to Get Maiden’s Blood in the Elden Ring

Varre will give you the Lord of Blood’s Favor this time and instruct you to soak the object in the maiden’s blood. If you recall, Varre is the same NPC who first made fun of us for not having maidens. So, this demonstrates clearly that he is also a maiden-less man.

You can now get the Elden ring dead maiden locations using one of two techniques. Here you can read the Elden ring maiden blood explained:

Way 1: Church of inhibition

The quickest route is to ascend to the Church of Inhibition’s summit, where a young woman’s body is located. Interact with it to let its blood soak into the cloth. The corpse at the Church of Inhibition, situated in eastern Liurnia.

Church of inhibition

It is the best place to obtain a maiden’s blood if you don’t feel like killing blind NPCs. To reach the church, stay on the hills east of the area. It is close to the Frenzied Flame Village and the minor erdtree of the area.

Be alerted that an invader will be there when you first get there. When the intruder is defeated, you will discover the dead maiden seated next to the place of grace on a chair. The finger maiden armor gear is also yours to take off her body.

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Way 2: Chapel Of Anticipation Maiden Blood

For the second approach, you’ll need to get to Four Belfries and look for a chest. However, accessing this location is more challenging, and you must be ready for conflict. Remember that this is the exact location where the game begins for you.

Chapel Of Anticipation Maiden Blood

You must defeat the Grafted Scion in this location.  Go to the Four Belfries, the western section of the Liurnia of the Lakes, and the land and cliff region to reach the chapel. You can follow the directions in the graphic below to get to the precise location. But take care. There are a few giants here that can quickly halt your advancement.

Once there, climb to the top and pull open the chest to obtain the Imbued Swordskey. When you have the item, use the key to teleport to the chapel by going to one of the portals and entering it. Take out the Grafted Scion by moving in the direction of the chapel.

The maiden’s body can then be found inside by just going inside. Use the blood of a virgin to color the cloth. Now that you have a maiden’s blood, you can return to White-Faced Varre to finish the mission. Both locations will advance the mission regardless of where you obtain the maiden’s blood.

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As you can see, these are two ways to get maiden blood, but I insist you use the first one because it’s quick and easy. The Church of Inhibition is where you can obtain the maiden’s blood for the quest the fastest. You should have defeated Margit and Godfrey and cleared the Stormveil Castle before you may access this region. But you can also go for the second method; it’s up to you.

Final Thought
Where Do You Soak The Cloth In The Blood Of A Maiden?

The Maiden, who you first experience at the beginning of the game, may be found by going over to the chapel’s rope bridge. Decide to have the cloth coated in her blood as soon as you are close to her. Decide to have the cloth coated in her blood as soon as you are close to her.

What’s The Finger Maidens In Elden Ring?

Finger Maidens assist the Two Fingers by guiding and helping the Tarnished. Rune fragments can be transformed into power by them. Little else, though, is known about them.

Do I Allow Melina To Be My Maiden?

In Elden Ring, declining Melina’s offer will prevent you from moving forward. The only way to advance in the game is to accept her offer of the necessary item Spectral Steed Whistle, which you can use to summon Elden Ring’s steed Torrent.

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