How To Fix Dying Light 2 Co-Op Not Working PS5? [SOLVED]

After the success of Dying Light 2 predecessor’s multiplayer features, they made co-op gaming a key selling point. However, there are several reasons why some players have disconnected when attempting to play co-op online.

The inability to invite or join friends when playing multiplayer has been a problem for Dying Light 2 players. Moreover, users are unable to take part in open-air games. The issue still exists even if you use the same device and game version. Let me help you to fix this dying light 2 co-Op not working issue.

Why Does Dying Light 1 Multiplayer Not Working?

Users can play Dying Light 2 online with friends by using cooperative play. It may be an enjoyable activity to do with your buddies. You cannot play Dying Light 2 Co-op with your pals if it is not functioning.

How To Fix Dying Light 2 Co-Op Not Working?

Several things may bring on your computer’s Dying Light 1 and 2 online co-op issue. It can be because of a problem with your ISP’s internet connection, a problem with the game servers for the Steam service, or even a bug with the game itself.

How To Check Dying Light 2 Server Status?

The official Twitter account for the game, @DyingLightGame, will update the servers’ status if the development team is aware of a problem. The best action is to write a report outlining your issue to the game’s support. If you need help finding something on the game’s Twitter account.

How To Check Dying Light 2 Server Status?

How To Fix Dying Light 2 Co-Op Not Working PS5?

It is critical to realize that there are a variety of potential causes for the Dying Light 2 Co-op Not Functioning issue. Here are the fixes for dying light 2 coop not working Xbox series x:

Method 1: Dying Light 2 Offline Mode Download

When an issue arises, you should start by opening the game offline. You can re-connect to your network once the game has loaded since multiplayer requires it. Many users with a problem identical to this reported it, and it solved the problem for them.

Dying Light Multiplayer Not Working

It only addresses the problem, not causes it. Thus, you will need to do this each time you want to play the game’s multiplayer mode.

Start by cutting off your internet connection to accomplish this. When you reconnect, launch Dying Light 2 on your smartphone. As a result, the game will start in offline mode. Just after the game has finished, load your save file.

Link to the internet after loading the saved file. The game will need some time to identify that it is back online, so please be patient. You should then be able to invite or greet your friends.

If this method is not working for the dying light 2 coop not working after update you can move to the next method.

Method 2: Restart The Platform And The Game

The Dying Light 2 online co-op issue can occasionally be a short-term malfunction. In this situation, simply restarting the game or its console can resolve the problem. It is easy to implement on various platforms, including PC, PS4, and Xbox.

Restart The Platform And The Game dying light 2

To do this, go to the game’s main menu, choose Quit, and then decide whether or not to end the current session. Afterward, restart the game to verify if the problem has been resolved.

You can try resetting the game console if the Dying Light 2 Xbox One/PS4 can’t join the game issue persists. Unplug the console’s power supply and turn it off to accomplish this. The console should then turn on after a little delay.

Method 3: Install The Game Patch

The problem may also exist because you must play an updated game version. You should have updated the game even though the developers have already released a new patch to address the problem. Hence, if a Dying Light 2 update is needed, install it.

Method 4: Off-Peak Times

Several people are playing Dying Light 2, which suggests the game’s popularity is rising. The game’s servers may require assistance because of the overwhelmingly large number of individuals wanting to play it.

Try to join the game when it is less crowded in your area and see if you can play with others. For instance, you can play in the early morning or late at night until an update resolves this problem.

Method 5: Use The Internet

Sometimes, a game-related issue is simply an internet problem. This problem may cause by intermittent internet. So, make an effort to have a more reliable internet connection.

Use The Internet dying light 2

If you’ve tried them all and the game still gives you a network disconnected problem message, there is nothing else you can do. Dying Light 2’s co-op servers have experienced problems ever since the game’s debut, but Techland is aware of the issue and is working on a cure. I’m hoping that will be in the upcoming update.

Method 6: Use Prologue Dying Light 2 Multiplayer Not Working

Users can play Dying Light 2 online with friends by using cooperative play. It may be an enjoyable activity to do with your buddies. You cannot play Dying Light 2 Co-op with your pals if it is not functioning. If you’ve been having the same problem, you can take the following actions:

  • You must complete the Prologue to access the main game if you just started it.
  • Only when the player has finished the first prologue is cooperative play enabled.
  • The first prologue includes three quests: Way, Pilgrim’s Growing Stronger, and Marks of Plague.
  • The first prologue will finish once these quests finish, enabling users to access co-op mode.
Is Dying Light 2 Available Offline?

A sad no. An ongoing, robust internet connection is necessary for this game.

Is Dying Light 2 A Challenging Game?

Dying Light 2 is very resource-intensive and strains both CPU and GPU capabilities. Since it can scale into the future, this makes the game futuristic. That is undoubtedly the case, but it makes the game quite challenging to run on the current technology.

Is Dying Light 2 Superior To 1?

A few significant upgrades introduce in Dying Light 2. Zombie games were starting to feel dull, and aside from the blockbuster Left 4 Dead, many games could have added something fresh to the genre. Dying Light changed that.

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