Elden Ring Soft Cap Levels For Every Stat and Attributes

The immersive role-playing game Elden Ring offers The Tarnished almost infinite customizability as you explore the Lands Between. Elden Ring offers eight Attributes that can be improved with Runes as the primary means of character customization, in addition to armor and weaponry.

But there are restrictions on these Stats. Each Attribute has several Soft Caps that will lessen the consequences of using more Runes to invest in them. The Elden Ring level Soft Caps for each Attribute are listed below.

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What Do Elden Ring’s Soft Caps Mean?

Soft limitations govern how quickly attribute levels up in Elden Ring. In Elden Ring, each attribute has three to four soft caps and one hard cap. The pace of attribute gain slows down as you reach the first soft cap, and it slows down much more once you get the second soft cap. The greatest level where you receive no advantages is called Hard Cap. Let’s take a quick look:

Elden Ring Level Soft Cap

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Elden Ring Vigor Soft Cap

The most important stat in Elden Ring is vigor. Your entire health, physical defense, and immunity stat are all represented by this stat. One point in vigor increases your maximum pool of HP by 25 at each level. Until Vigor reaches level 40, the additional HP gained per level rises by 1 or 2 points. The first soft cap is in place at level 40.

Elden Ring Vigor Soft Cap

The HP obtained per level gradually decreases as more Vigor points are added, from +26HP to +13HP at level 60. After age 60, we advise against investing runes in Vigor.

The second soft cap is level 60. Only +5–6 HP adds to your character after level 60. By the time a player reaches 90, the low +3–4 HP renders point allocation useless because late-game items offer superior stats.

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Elden Ring Skill Soft Caps

The ability to cast more spells comes from having a strong mind if you’re building a spellcaster. It represents both your Focus stat and total FP. Up until level 20, you receive 3–4 FP every level using Mind. Up until level 50, you receive 8–9 FP per level. The first soft cap is at 55, and until level 4, less FP obtain per level.

Elden Ring Strength Soft Cap

Weapons whose damage scales with strength gain power thanks to the strength soft cap Elden ring attribute. At levels 20, 55, and 80, the attack power gain is soft-capped and varies by weapon. A weapon’s attack power increase when it scales with Strength. The same holds for weapons that scale with dexterity.

Elden Ring Endurance Soft Cap

Endurance controls your stamina for running, successfully blocking, avoiding, and carrying out tasks. The endurance stat is crucial for smoother gaming that runs smoothly.

Elden Ring Endurance Soft Cap

Stamina has a soft cap of 15/35/50 levels. After level 50, stamina reaches a hard maximum, and extra points only increase stamina by 0.31. The full load that you can bear may base on endurance. The load rating of each piece of equipment increases the overall weight.

Before level 25, you gain +1.6, and level 60 is the hard cap. You should spend money on endurance for equipment load if you need more.

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Elden Ring Dexterity Soft Cap

Similar consequences of dexterity include the ability to employ dexterity-based weapons and increased damage. More defense and resistance that aren’t directly related to your body are now available.

Many auxiliary traits, including fall damage, casting speed, and knock-off resistance, are enhanced by dexterity. Damage from weapons cap at 18/55/80.

Elden Ring Intelligence Soft Cap

The Magic Resistance Stat and the power of weapons and spells that scale with intelligence are both impacted by intelligence. There is a soft cap for weapons at levels 20, 55, and 80. The increase in attack power varies based on the weapon. Sorceries have soft caps at levels 60 and 80; the damage gained varies by sorcery.

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Elden Ring Faith Soft Cap

Elden Ring Faith Soft Cap

Your incantations do more harm, and having faith makes it possible for you to learn more powerful charms. The stat for weapon and damage boosts is faith. Intelligence is the same as soft caps.

Arcane Soft Cap Elden Ring

Arcane increases the potency of certain Sorceries Incantations, and weapons that scale in arcane. The Attribute likewise impacts the Discovery, Holy Defense, and Vitality Stats. At levels 20, 55, and 80, weapons have soft caps; the increase in attack power varies by weapon.

Damage Gain Is Soft Capped between Levels 30 and 45, Depending on the Sorcery or Incantation

Does Elden Ring Have A Leveling Cap?

Elden Ring’s level cap is difficult to reach because it will take players 1,692,558,415 runes to collect all of them. The level cap of 713 appears arbitrary. But the reason is that players can only level their stats after 99.

Why Is Elden Ring Level 150 Meta?

Since matchmaking determines by a player’s current level and the level of the most upgraded weapon, the Elden Ring community has agreed upon 150 as the meta-level for PvP. Your level does matter when discussing PvP because it will affect the group of players you pair.

When I Reach 150 Elden Rings, Should I Stop Leveling?

It’s usually a good idea to stop leveling Strength once you’ve allotted 50 points, depending on your build. Any other yields are decreasing returns.

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