Elevating Online Gaming: Advancing Safety Practices and Promoting Awareness

The internet has had a phenomenal impact on the way the world operates today. The population is able to engage in a variety of different activities with the connectivity that is now possible to obtain. Online gaming is one of those activities that has thrived as a result.

Gamers can connect with other individuals across the planet and play their favorite titles wherever they want. One gamer could be based in Europe, while another can be in Asia, thus eliminating the physical barriers that existed in the past.

However, while online gaming has been able to provide a number of opportunities and new ways in which it has transformed the pastime, there are aspects in which people need to be careful. Players still need to ensure security, which is paramount, as numerous dangers can be encountered. Sharing sensitive information in a gaming environment can be all too easy, especially when communicating with other players via voice chat.  

There have been numerous resources and tools created and made available to promote and protect player security, all of which have been extremely valuable. Certain measures have been implemented across the online gaming industry, too, with video games and casino titles all featuring their own recommendations and advice.

Online gamers playing traditional games can often be advised about the type of content that can be encountered and what they may be able to see and hear from other players with the use of age ratings. Players who engage in online gambling know there are certain protocols that can protect them when playing, with safe online casinos in Australia being strongly recommended in Oz for those who enjoy the pastime.

Nonetheless, while there has been plenty of advice available, there are ways in which safety practices can be elevated, and awareness can be achieved.

Better measures can be implemented

Although there are resources already available, it is possible that safety can be improved further when gaming online. Players often use chat rooms, forums and messaging systems to communicate with other gamers about almost anything that they want. While most will understand safety and to remain as private as possible, it can be easy to overshare. Message rooms can often be unmonitored at times, especially if a game is extremely popular.

In order to combat the wrong types of messages being sent or for private data to be censored a little better, game developers can implement technologies that can automatically make messages safer. Tech can be used to block certain words from being used and sent, or it can filter certain language and ensure it is safe for all audiences. Additionally, it can be beneficial for developers to include reporting buttons that can be used by others who feel that their security is being compromised or if they feel uncomfortable by certain language that is being used.

Game developers should promote security with more awareness

While it is all good and well for a developer to say that they are promoting safety awareness, there is an argument that can suggest they can do even more than they are. Some may feel that a section on the main page of their title is enough, or a window that pops up on a screen providing advice is sufficient.

Although it might be for many, there may be other players who would benefit from continual reminders or the ability to participate in webinars or classes that can provide even more information. Sometimes, certain things are not made as clear as they should, with less evident things being harder for individuals to spot, despite how vulnerable they may leave them if they decide to share certain information. Certain questions might seem innocent enough to answer, but they may be a way in which they compromise someone’s identity and security.

Improving in-game culture and behaviors

Game developers have a duty of care and responsibility to ensure they protect players as much as possible. Although it may be up to the gamer to decide whether they want to share certain things, the game’s company needs to ensure they are doing as much as possible to keep their players safe.

This can be achieved through reinforcement of positive behaviors. The creation of internal guidelines that need to be followed can help to keep players secure, as can the repercussions of any rule-breaking that is detected. Players who ask personal questions could find themselves on the end of a warning or a ban, depending on the rules that are set. If this is the case, then they may be deterred from asking. A positive in-game culture can thrive as a result.

Final Thoughts

Player security is paramount and can not be understated, especially when engaging in fun activities on the internet, like online gaming. As highlighted, it can be very easy to make friends and connect with people worldwide, which can lead to those who are vulnerable to being exploited as they may feel that they can overshare private information.

Game developers and governmental regulators need to do their bit to promote awareness of the dangers even further. At the same time, they need to ensure they are continually providing in-game security features that can make playing games for players as enjoyable as it should be and without the fear of being compromised.

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