Skyrim Stormcloaks Or Imperials Benefits & pros and Cons

In Skyrim, choosing between two incredibly interesting sides is nothing new. In Skyrim, the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks are at odds. The player must decide on one of these factions to support them in winning the civil war and establishing complete dominance over Skyrim. The choice is difficult; choose wisely!

The many options and choices a new RPG will present you with is one of the best things about starting it. Consequently, you can develop a character who accurately reflects your personality. Before jumping to the best pick between Skyrim Stormcloaks or Imperials, let’s learn more about them.

Skyrim Stormcloaks Or Imperials Poll

While the Imperials are more appropriate for characters wearing Heavy Armor, the Stormcloacks provide stronger armor and weapons for characters wearing Light Armor. Choosing a side in Skyrim’s Civil War will depend on which side you think is correct, as both sides have quest end goals that are essentially identical.

Here is the overview of Skyrim Stormcloaks or Imperial Legion:

Skyrim Stormcloaks Or Imperials

Why Did You Choose Imperial?

The Imperial Legion, comprised of members of the local militia and legionnaires from the main Imperial force, has its operational headquarters in the province of Solitude.

You may help the Imperial Legion destroy the Stormcloaks as a Dragonborn. If you opt to support the Imperials, you will battle alongside Bretons, Redguard legionnaires, Altmer, Dunmer, and Breton Legates. At the same time, most of the Legion is composed of Nord and Imperial legionnaires and Legates.

The Imperial Legion seeks to integrate Skyrim into the Empire and establish Imperial customs and laws there. Even if most Empire residents disagree with the White Gold Concordat, they have agreed to peace to allow the Thalmor Justiciars of the Aldemeri Dominion to implement it.

Praying to Talos is strictly forbidden by the Aldemeri, who also make it illegal. Any legionaries who practice Talos’ religion keep it to themselves and offer private prayers to Talos. The Stormcloaks rebel against the Imperials because they have a different vision of governing Skyrim.

Let’s look at the situation from the other side of the coin.

Why Did You Choose Stormcloaks?

Ulfric Stormcloak is the leader of the Stormcloaks, which have their base of operations in Windhelm and are direct adversaries of both the Thalmor and the Imperial Legion.

The Stormcloaks believed that Skyrim should proclaim independence due to the corrupt and failing Empire. This perspective emerged following the end of the Great War and the imposition of the White Gold Concordat by the Aldmeri Dominion.

The Stormcloaks viewed the Empire as nothing more than a Thalmor puppet, given that it was defeated following the Great War and submitted under the terms set forth by the Dominion.

The fact that most Nords worship Talos is enough to justify opposing the Empire, which enacts legislation outlawing his worship.

Skyrim Imperial Or Stormcloak Benefits

Being on the right side of history and supporting a just cause are two advantages of joining the Stormcloaks. It implies that you don’t watch people suffer due to thought crimes. Do not believe for a second that Talos worshipers do not also enslave you; everyone who calls Skyrim home is.

The longer the Thalmor are free to roam Skyrim, the more hostilities escalate. Skyrim will become less cohesive as hostilities intensify. That is unacceptable to both Mer and Betmeri.

There isn’t much of a difference between both. I believe that playing the Imperial side is a little more enjoyable. Still, aside from lore-related items, the only major differences are a few quests and the color of the guards in various holdings.

Stormcloaks against Empire has about the same loot, rewards, etc. The best reward is skipping that annoying peace conference in the main quest.

Skyrim Stormcloaks Or Imperials Pros And Cons

Imperials Pros and Cons:

Here are some pros and cons of imperials:

Imperials Pros:

  • Favorable for Skyrim
  • Respect People
  • Extra Coin
  • Everything Is Open To You … Mostly

Imperials Cons:

  • Unethical Behavior
  • Work under the Thalmor Thumb

Skyrim Stormcloaks Pros and Cons

Stormcloaks Pros:

Let’s take a look at the Stormcloak’s pros and cons:

  • Moral Virtuosity
  • Freedom; no need to work under Thalmor
  • No one attempted to behead you.

Stormcloaks Cons:

  • Racism
  • No More Guard Friends
  • Lack of money
Is Skyrim Stormcloaks Or Imperials Canon?

Both are not canon; the only things that impact future events in the ES are the outcomes of the main tale and the two expansion storylines.

Which Side Performs Better In Skyrim?

The decision to side with the Imperials or the Stormcloaks ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and the course you wish to take your character on. If a Nord character shares the Stormcloaks’ perspective on the Empire, they will accept them as friends.

Why Do Stormcloaks Dislike Imperials?

They aspire to nothing more than to free the Nords and Skyrim from the grip of the increasingly oppressive Empire, which, as a result of their regrettable alliance with the Thalmor, even goes so far as to forbid the worship of some deities.

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