Assetto Corsa Controller Settings for pc, Xbox, & PS5

While most professional sim racers use a racing wheel on Assetto Corsa Competizione, some players still choose to use a game controller. Looking for the finest and most accurate Assetto Corsa controller settings that will make you quick? As you might have surmised, having the right controller settings can mean a victory and a DNF since you’ll want to feel your best while operating the vehicle.

In reality, many sim racers frequently make the error of using overly sensitive and inaccurate controller settings, which ultimately ruin their entire Assetto Corsa experience and lead them to attribute the damage to the game falsely.

Can You Race On Assetto Corsa With A Controller Quickly?

You can, but using racing wheels will make it tough to outrun them.  While a good controller can assist you in progressing, it won’t render you unbeatable on the track. But for beginners, it is an excellent place to start before investing in a pricey wheelbase and pedal set.

Assetto Corsa Controller Settings for pc, Xbox, & PS5

Assetto Corsa Controller Settings PS5

Compared to the default settings, these settings offer a very balanced and, more significantly, practicable driving experience. They might still be a little jittery due to the nature of navigating on a controller but with practice.

They award smooth inputs and enable consistent lap times. As stated, these settings might only be ideal for some drivers, but they can serve as a good foundation.

Assetto Corsa Controller Settings PS5

Although the controller bindings work perfectly in the default setups, you can change them to your liking. 

Here are the Assetto Corsa controller settings for PS4/PS5:

  • Vibration intensity (left as default): 80%
  • Speed Sensitivity: 70%
  • Dead zone: 2%
  • Steering Speed: 70%
  • Speed Filter: 10%
  • Steering assistance: Disabled
  • 3.0 for steer gamma

Assetto Corsa Controller Settings Xbox One

Xbox might possibly be out of choice but some gamers still want to play with it. In my opinion, the best Assetto Corsa controller options for Xbox and Playstation controllers are:

  • Gamma = 2.2
  • Filtration = 0.82
  • Speed sensitivity: 75%
  • Deadzone equals: 0.04
  • Steering speed: 100%
Controller Settings In Assetto Corsa?

Finding the ideal Assetto Corsa gamepad settings for you requires using these settings as a starting point. These settings may initially seem extremely delicate, which may take some getting used to, but it will be great once you have some experience with it.

Best Assetto Corsa Controller Settings Pc

Assetto Corsa (AC) is an excellent place to practice and adjust the car setup if you’re learning a circuit for real-world use. For playing Assetto Corsa, the most accurate controller parameters are:

  • 75% is speed sensitivity
  • Left Thumb = Stear
  • The throttle is Right Trigger
  • Brakes: Left Trigger
  • A gearshift is up
  • X equals Shift down

How Do I Change Controller Settings In Assetto Corsa?

In Assetto Cosa, you must select Settings, Controller, and Advanced to modify the controller options. By doing so, you can access the advanced controller settings and change any setting to your satisfaction.

Assetto Corsa Mods

The sim drifting group prefers Assetto Corsa for this reason. It’s amazing how many mods are there, but the best course of action is to follow pre-screened recommendations to ensure good quality. The fact that mods for Assetto Corsa drivers are only accessible for PCs is another minor caveat. Here is the list of these mods:

Assetto Corsa Mods
  • Manager of Assetto Corsa Content
  • Pack of Custom Shaders
  • A Sol Mod
  • True Mod
  • Essentials of Race
  • Studio Race Sim
  • Ford ’34 sedan legends
  • Florio Targa
  • G55 GT3 Ginetta
  • Honda NSX Type S ’22 by DT Mods
  • VRC
  • Speed Champions Lego
  • Daikoko Realistic Traffic Simulation, or 2REAL
  • Protech Hybrid P91 Evo
Can Assetto Corsa Effectively Use A Controller?

Yes, the gamepad support is excellent, particularly since you can turn the steering wheel of the vehicle 900 degrees or whatever the car can do. When using a gamepad to drive in other games, you can only turn 180 degrees in any vehicle, and the car turns too much with little input.

Is Assetto Corsa Capable Of Drifting With A Controller?

Of course, it is; you only need a wired joystick or a wireless adapter. I’ve observed individuals using a controller after apparently tampering with the settings. Therefore, it might be just a lot harder.

Is Assetto Corsa A Wheel-Only Game?

No, you can also use a gamepad, keyboard, mouse, or joystick to participate. Naturally, a broad range of USB input devices and all USB gaming devices are supported.

Which Fps Recommend For Assetto Corsa?

Maintain a frame rate of 30 or less. Minimal visual effect; slight performance impact. Significant effect on CPU utilization. If AI or multiplayer events are causing CPU bottlenecking, lower the settings.

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