Where To Find Skyrim Quill Of Gemination

One of Skyrim’s less well-known unique artifacts is the Quill of Gemination. It is found for Maven Black-Briar as part of The Pursuit quest and serves no purpose other than that. Despite this, if you want to pursue a particular path with that quest, you still need to discover the Quill, and it’s not simple to find.

It has a tiny piece of intriguing lore that sounds great. So there’s no need to go further if you’re performing The Pursuit and seeking the Skyrim Quill of Gemination. Let’s get started!

What Does The Quill Of Gemination Do?

The user can use the quill to copy whatever writing they see. However, without a specific type of ink, it is completely useless. Dragonborn cannot use it. But the Dragonborn can still get the quill for Maven even if they slay Vald.

The Quill of Gemination’s sole gameplay function is to allow you to pay Vald’s debt. Despite sounding like what ought to be a potent item, it’s a McGuffin in the best meaning of the word. It doesn’t even start to appear until you start the quest, the Pursuit.

What Is The Quill Of Gemination Location?

Many gamers try to become fully immersed in as many factions and their supporting narratives as possible. The Thieves Guild is one of the more intriguing options accessible. You can anticipate doing a lot of snooping in this group to find stuff required for the quest. The Quill of Gemination is one thing you’ll eventually need to find.

Skyrim Quill Of Gemination

The College of Winterhold’s magicians enchanted the quill, but they demanded tremendous gold to make it. A specially designed ink is required to function. As a result, the quill will now have a wealthy crimson and gold appearance appropriate for its standing as a special and expensive object.

Textures are available in the BC7 compression format and come in 2K or 4K resolution. The object previously used the generic quill assets. Thus, the provided plugin is necessary to give it a special mesh. Below, you can find out how to get and find it.

Skyrim Lake Honrich Quill Of Gemination Location

In Lack Honrich, the Quill of Gemination is missing on a submerged boat. The boat won’t be there if you haven’t begun this quest yet. But as soon as you do, it will appear.

Go to the lake that is West of Riften now. You can locate the boat in the lake, around halfway between Riften and Goldenglow Estate. You can locate Vald’s Lockbox in the shipwreck.

The Vald’s Strongbox, buried far beneath the lake’s surface in the Riften Fishery, contains the Quill of Gemination in Skyrim. You must have swimwear and snorkeling equipment for this one. You should first quickly teleport to the Riften Fishery.

Keep going up the coast to the northwest until you see a few small islands that jut out from the mainland. You should position yourself so that you are amid the two boats that dock at Goldenglow Estate and Riften Fishery.

Take a deep breath as you get closer to the sea. You should be able to look for a sunken boat with a lock box lying in front of it just off the coast from this place. But once you do, you will have discovered Vald’s Strongbox.

However, you must pick the lock to get the Quill of Gemination out. Unfortunately, this is an expert-level lock, so bring extra lock picks with you. The Quill of Gemination is in Vald’s Strongbox if you unlock it. You can now pay Vald’s debt and return the quill to Maven.

Return now to Mercer Frey’s home. Inform Vald that you have cleared his name with the Black Briars in a conversation in the garden. He will express his gratitude and hand you the home key, allowing unrestricted access.

Should I Keep Skyrim’s Quill of Gemination?

Despite being a unique item, the Quill of Gemination is essentially useless. It has no use and cannot sell for a high price. It looks like an ordinary quill, but its sole use is as a prize piece. It’s safe to keep it as several methods exist to access Mercer Frey’s house. But it serves no purpose but to persuade Maven Black-Briar to pay off Vald’s obligations.

Skyrim Quill Of Gemination ID:

Quill of Gemination’s item ID on Steam for PC and Mac is: 000C04BB

Spawn Commands:

Open the console and use the following command to spawn this object in-game: player.AddItem 000C04BB 1

Utilize the following terminal command to position this object before your character: player.PlaceAtMe 000C04BB

What To Do If Skyrim Quill Of Gemination Bug Not Working?

If the quest doesn’t disappear from your journal, you could try setting the quest stage to 200 (setstage freeformvalddebt 200). You ought to be able to drop the quill normally if that succeeds. If not, try this: drop 000c04bb 1; it ought to solve the issue.

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