Escape From Tarkov Review | Why is so Popular?

The bulk of my time spends playing Escape from Tarkov. Most of the time, I’m either standing outside a building, chest-thumping, or hiding behind a bush, waiting for the distinctive sound of someone walking with their haul of loot.

I attempted to determine whether the crunch I heard was caused by my three nervous companions moving behind me or someone inside. But there’s a catch: the survival aspect heavily emphasizes. Every time you pass away, all of your discoveries are lost. This article explains the escape from tarkov review.

Is Escape From Tarkov Worth It Solo?

Many people find tension and drama in a game as tricky and unforgiving as Escape from Tarkov. Moreover, it can be difficult for people to set out alone due to the worry of losing their expensive equipment. However, approaching Escape from Tarkov’s solo play can be enjoyable and rewarding.

Escape From Tarkov Review

Due to its realism and punishing mechanics, Escape from Tarkov is one of the most accurate first-person shooters in the business. As a result, players are typically on the verge of their seats, which adds to the game’s fun and excitement. However, for some people, the chance of losing items is occasionally too great.

Is Tarkov Noob Friendly?

Escape from Tarkov is not a game that is friendly to new players. You may anticipate a challenging beginning after viewing a few films and reading a few articles, but you probably need to pay attention to how difficult it will be.

However, it’s different from a game that beginners would enjoy. However, Tarkov provides the more mature experience you might seek if you’re sick of the pink Ak-47s in Call of Duty.

Why Escape From Tarkov Is So Popular?

First, it’s crucial to emphasize that Escape from Tarkov has a wagering element. There is no real way to predict what you will discover during a raid, your rewards, or the situations you will encounter.

Every scrap becomes a fierce struggle for life when the outcome of a combat scenario depends on the placement of just one bullet. It can be thrilling to have no idea what is behind a door when you uncover it, open a crate, or any other container.

Why Escape From Tarkov Is So Popular?

The contemporary gamer finds that feature to be incredibly appealing. Although it’s a far cry from esports betting, there is no comparison to the rush you get from finishing a valuable assault.

Is Escape From Tarkov Worth It?

Yes, Escape From Tarkov is entirely worthwhile. Apart from the realistic visuals, this game is worth playing for various reasons because it emphasizes strategic gameplay, which players want.

Even with the reload feature, the game is realistic, particularly regarding the lack of ammo. The vital injuries feature is the cherry on top, providing players with a unique and challenging recipe. It creates the most captivating first-person shooting game in this EFT solo.

Escape From Tarkov Player Count

A developer claimed that the game had over 200,000 active users at once. However, the player count has stayed a mystery in recent years. According to stat-tracking websites like MMOStats, Escape from Tarkov will have more than 400,000 average daily users in 2023.

Escape From Tarkov Map

The Escape from Tarkov map has 12 distinct locations, 9 of which are available to the general public. Here you go:

Escape From Tarkov Map


It’s a sizable tract of industrial park land close to the manufacturing region. In addition to various other structures and buildings, the area has offices, dorms, fuel storage facilities, and a customs terminal.


The TerraGroup company gives an unauthorized lease for the Chemical Plant No. 16 industrial estate and its facilities. The plant was the scene of multiple firefights between BEAR and USEC as the Contract Wars began.


A vital hub for the city’s transportation system is the South Interchange. This critical region links Tarkov’s port and harbor with its industrial outskirts.


On the road to Tarkov, the lighthouse at Cape Dalniy was a crucial strategic piece of infrastructure. During the Contract Wars, it acted as the USEC units’ main entry point and operational base.


There are rumors that the hidden Federal State Reserve Agency base has enough food, medicine, and other supplies to last for years and avoid a full-scale nuclear conflict.


Near the port, the Shoreline region makes up a sizable portion of Tarkov’s periphery. In addition to other commercial buildings, the area includes a partly abandoned village, contemporary private homes, agricultural fields, extensive stretches of beach, a boating facility, a gas station, a weather station, and a cell tower.

The Tarkov Streets

With all the other amenities a bustling metropolis could have required, downtown Tarkov is home to banks, shopping centers, and hotels.

The Laboratory

There is a covert TerraGroup Labs station underneath Tarkov. Although this study center doesn’t exist formally, it believes in working on high-tech projects in chemistry, physics, biology, and other fields through testing and simulation.


The North-Western Federal District’s state-protected wildlife sanctuaries recently expanded to include the Priozersk Natural Reserve.


It is an illustration of what Tarkov’s complete plan might look like. The important places from the existing maps combine into a single, enormous, open-world map.

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