Everything You Need To Know About: Zote Hollow Knight

One of the few NPCs in Hollow Knight that you can encounter and communicate with more than once is Zote the Mighty. He can be encountered frequently around Metroidvania and is highly endearing to some people while being persistently irritating to others.

This Zote Hollow Knight guide’s featured boss has two distinct accolades connected to it. And both of them depend on your choices when you first encounter the formidable fighter. He is one of many NPCs in Hallownest, yet his presence begs lore-related questions. Unintentionally, his presence contributes to reviving the dying kingdom. Let’s get started!

Characteristics Of Zote Hallow Mighty

Zote Hollow Knight

Look at some of these characteristics:


Zote the Mighty exaggerates his importance so much. He won’t stop talking. Despite his rhetoric, Zote is useless, and he continuously needs the Knight to protect him from vicious enemies.

Zote The Mighty

Even though Zote the Mighty’s weapon does not deliver any harm, lesser opponents routinely beat him. He frequently exclaims that he is the most powerful being in the land.

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Peak Mental Prowess

He enjoys talking to himself and frequently extols his strength and prowess, but in reality, he is pitiful and frequently falls prey to lower creatures. He has completely convinced himself that he is unbeatable despite this. Even some claim that Zote the Mighty is the biological child of the White Lady and Pale King.

Where Is Zote In Deepnest?

What is the Zote deepest location map? In the center of Deepnest, Zote discovers bound by spiderwebs, seemingly trapped by the locals. Zote will grumble to let players know where he is, and the muttering will get louder as they get closer.

How to save zote in deepnest? You can locate Zote throughout the Hallownest if you decide to save him. Before becoming trapped once more in the Deepnest, he can identify at Dartmouth, then further down in the City of Tears. Go to the bench nearest to the Fungal Wastes boundary to find him.

How To Defeating The Vengefly King And Rescuing Zote?

In Greenpath, cozy in the jaws of a Vengefly King, you can first encounter Zote as you begin your quest. He may locate just a touch to the northeast of Hornet’s arena. You can simply move on until you see the gallant knight struggling against his shackles. Now, you can depart the arena to the right and proceed to the following level.

Once at Zote, you must select a choice. You could continue with your journey and earn the Neglect accomplishment by letting him meet his end. Naturally, this will prevent you from completing the rest of Zote’s questline, but the trade-off of being free of his annoying pettiness is alluring. You can also try to save him. If you do this, you will start a miniboss battle with the Vengefly King, and Zote won’t be there to assist.

Fortunately, this miniboss is a simple one to defeat; simply hop over its charges and smack it as it passes. The miniboss will chastise you for coming in the way of his prey when you fight him, and you’ll also get a lecture about what a fine knight he is. You may anticipate seeing him once again as well.

You have time to choose between getting the Mantis Claw. Return to where you found him and hit the mask for the accomplishment if you let him die.

What Are The 57 Precepts Of Zote?

Obey to all precepts. Most importantly, you must memorize each Precept and adhere to it without fail. And this one too! Hmm. Have you given my entire speech your undivided attention? Recite the ‘Fifty-Seven Precepts of Zote’ once more.

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