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When Play Station 5 arrives, we can enjoy high-resolution and quick frame rates for the games. After modifying some settings from the game, we can easily play games such as Fortnite. If you want to know about the smooth experience of a game then there is complete information on how to get 120 fps on PS5.

How do I enable 120fps in Fortnite?

This information is all that you need to do to enable 120fps in Fortnite.

Press the PlayStation button, and let’s go back to the home screen go to settings and select this, and now scroll down to the screen and video, then over to the right. Let’s go to ‘video output’ and go down until we get to enable 120-hertz output now this says to enable 120-hertz video outputs for games that support 120-hertz frame rate if you experience video output problems with these games turn off this setting. So set it to automatic.

How do I enable 120fps in Fortnite

Now once we have that selected let’s back out of the screen and go to the main settings menu and go on down to save data and game app settings. Now under here, let’s go to the game presets and go to the performance mode or resolution mode. Now this says to prioritize performance or image quality, select performance mode for higher frame rates or fps or resolution mode for higher graphic quality. This applies to games that offer these two modes.

Now let’s back to Fortnite and go ahead and close this down and relaunch it if you went and changed those settings. Now press options, open up your friends list and scroll down to settings under here and select settings. Now you want to go to video then under graphics, it should say 120 frames per second mode.

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Why is Fortnite 120fps not showing up?

It is very interesting to play at 120fps instead of 60fps. If we are facing an issue where PS5 is not showing 120hz on our screen, this issue occurs when you play the game at 60hz and then connect it with a 120hz screen. Here are some troubleshooting options are given below:

Confirm that your screen (TV or Monitor or PS) supports 120hz:

  • This is done by opening the PS5 settings.
  • You just have to go to Screen and Video then Video Output and then Video Output Information.
  • You should locate 120hz. If this is not present on the list below the information for the connected HDMI device then your display does not support a 120hz then you need to buy a new TV or monitor or Play Station.
  • Restart your PS5 to enable 120fps in Fortnite.
  • Unplug your HDMI and try again to reconnect it.
  • Ensure that your HDMI is in the accurate port.

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Fortnite 120fps PS5 resolution:

If you want to play the game at your best then the output of Fortnite should be at native 4K with all the features enabled. When we choose 120hz mode then we will see that the output resolution will drop from 4K to 1440p.

Fortnite 120fps PS5 resolution

Here are some settings of graphics for Fortnite on PS5:

  • At first, you should be On the 120fps mode.
  • Increase the brightness to 120%.
  • User Interface Contrast should be 1x.
  • Color Blind mode should be Off but you can use it if needed.
  • The Motion Blur effect should be Off.
Can a PS5 run Fortnite at 120 fps?

Yes, PS5 can run Fortnite at 120fps but to enable 120fps mode on PS5 we have to enable performance mode from the settings of your Play Station 5.

Does 120Hz consume more battery?

There is a 10% extra power drain from the battery when we are switching to 60hz to 120hz and a 30% power drain when selecting 144hz, which is measured with the help of g-mail browsing and chrome browsing respectively.

Can I get 120 frames on PS5?

There are a variety of framerates on which PS5 can run, including 60 frames per second.However, Sony’s new-gen system also supports 120fps. There are many PS5 games that are running at 120 frames per second.

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