Where To Find Magnetite Subnautica [Quick Guide]

You may find and use various commodities and minerals, including magnetite, in the Subnautica universe. Magnetite, like the majority of the resources in the game, may be discovered throughout the planet but isn’t always the simplest to find.

But since it requires making significant products, it’s a good idea to know where you can get it if you ever run out. Keep reading to find out where to find magnetite Subnautica.

Where To Find Magnetite Subnautica Below Zero?

Although magnetite resembles other resources in some ways, it doesn’t truly exist in outcrops or anyplace else. This object spawns on the seafloor, similar to nickel ore.

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Although it can spawn in various biomes, the ceiling and walls of the Deep Lilypads Cave area are where you see it often. Players in need should only thoroughly investigate this biome since they may find Ore Veins containing Magnetite here.

Where To Find Magnetite Subnautica

Where To Find Magnetite Subnautica Map?

Throughout the Subnautica world, magnetite can be found in several locales, albeit some regions have more of it than others. They can extract from substantial resource deposits or discovered on the seafloor alone. Check out the map below to see easiest way to find magnetite in Subnautica.

  • Mountains
  • Near Hot Vents
  • Jellyshroom Cave
  • Mountains Caves

Magnetite may also be present in the following biomes, along with the previously stated locations.

  • Blood Kelp Zone
  • Inactive Lava Zone
  • Lost River
  • Sea Treader’s Path
  • Ghost Forest
  • Lava Castle
  • Bone Fields
  • Tree Cove

Where To Find Magnetite Subnautica In Mountains Caves?

A cave network deeper in the mountain biome is home to many resources, including Magnetite. If you can get past the Reapers, you can sneak into these caves and emerge with a stockpile of priceless commodities. If you can resist the looming menace of the Reapers, this area is a typically good site for resources because it contains Magnetite, Ruby, Uraninite, and Shale Outcrops as well.

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Make sure no Reapers are hiding close to your chosen exit before exiting the cave system. You should exercise caution in the region because Reapers in the Mountains might move around quite a bit.

Where To Find Magnetite Subnautica Lost River?

You can enter from the Deep Grand Reef, the Blood Kelp Zones, or close to the biome boundary between the Bulb and Mountain biomes. Most of Subnautica’s biomes include minor amounts of magnetite. It is easy to find in the mountains, gather from the Lost River’s bed, and take from the flooded caves.

Where To Find Subnautica Magnetite Jellyshroom Cave?

The Jellyshroom Cave may be the best location to find Magnetite in the game’s early stages. You can find several materials down there, including magnetite, and it’s relatively safe as long as you keep your wits about you. There are four ways to enter the Jellyshroom Cave: one to the southeast of Lifepod 5, one to the east toward the Aurora, and three to the west.

Each entry locates in the Grassy Plateaus biome, not far from small hills or rocky outcrops. You’ll be able to identify an entry by its modest size, considerable depth, and the abundance of mushrooms that line its walls as it descends.

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You won’t spend much time down there if you dive, especially if you don’t have a Rebreather, as most of the Jellyshroom Cave is only about 200 meters deep. Without the right tools, you’ll probably only have a few seconds. While it might be sufficient to locate some Magnetite, it would be in your best interest to descend with a Seamoth.

The Jellyshroom Cave is full of resources. However, they seem to concentrate on the bases of the jellyfish. It implies that you’ll have to come into contact with the local predator, the crab snake.

These guys are pretty easy; your Seamoth will defend you against their attacks more than adequately, and they will only chase you for a short time. They are fiercely protective of their Jellyshroom, staying close to it and only venturing outside to look for danger. You’ll gain access to a big amount of Magnetite if you can sneak past them or, much better, locate an unguarded Jellyshroom.

What Is The Magnetite Harvesting  Way In Subnautica?

Magnetite cannot be harvested with your hands, although early-game minerals like titanium can. You’ll need to get a Prawn Suit Drill Arm to harvest them. You’ll need a Vehicle Upgrade Console and access to the Moonpool to obtain that. You will need the following to make the Vehicle Upgrade Console:

  • Titanium; 5x
  • Lithium; 1
  • Diamond; 4x
Why Can’t Find Magnetite Subnautica?

If you cannot find magnetite, it is because your save file is too old. Remember that the map’s experimental build does not update correctly. Update it, then try again. Hopefully, you don’t face this problem again.

What Is The Value Of Magnetite?

The price of magnetite varies according to its size and grade. Larger pieces of lower-quality magnetite are often only worth a few dollars per pound. Smaller bits of high-quality magnetite can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 per pound.

How Much Magnetite Does Subnautica Require?

The items on the following list can make with at least five magnetites. However, most gamers like thermal power. Thus you may require 10-15 magnetite to build everything.

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