Where To Find Skyrim Quarried Stone – Exact Location

Few players have used quarried stone in Skyrim; not many have played the Hearthfire DLC. Quarried Stone has fewer applications than the other minerals and ores that gamers can obtain in Skyrim. However, players should consider hoarding it rather than disposing it as vendor trash because it’s necessary for those purposes.

The in-game explanation of how to obtain quarried stone in Skyrim is lacking. Quarried Stone may mine in select places in the open world and some chests close to the game’s three available homesteads. You can use the Skyrim Quarried Stone Item in your settlement to improve its looks. Let’s dive in!

What Purposes Does Skyrim Quarried Stone Have?

Skyrim’s build-it-yourself homes with Hearthfire especially use quarried stone to build and upgrade their residences. Heljarchen Hall in The Pale, Lakeview Manor in Falkreath, and Windstad Manor in Hjaalmarch are the three residences in question.

Players must finish a mission for the Jarl of the Hold to acquire the right to purchase these residences in the first place. A modest workshop with a chest, a drafting table, and a carpenter’s workbench is on each homestead property.

Skyrim Quarried Stone

Where To Find Quarried Stone?

Only particular regions on the map contain quarried stone, so you did not purchase it from traders as it is only found there. It typically grows next to Heartfire plots of land, mountains, and mines.

Like with iron or any other material, you must mine a quarried stone to obtain it. Before it runs out, a single location has 4,000 pieces of quarried stone that can be mined. After a while, the number resets, and you can resume mining.

Skyrim Quarried Stone Location

Once you locate the Skyrim quarried stone map, you can mine away all the stones until you get the necessary number to construct your house. For you to create an incredible homestead for yourself, I’ll show you where all the stone quarries are in Skyrim.

Homestead Deposits:

The good news is that the three most prominent homestead locations are close to stone deposits. It is beneficial because, after buying your land, you will have a free deposit there. Skyrim quarried stone golden hills will be simple to mine to keep constructing the mansion of your dreams.

Lakeview Manor:

In this place, it is obvious, even if you are not seeking Skyrim quarried stone Lakeview Manor, making it very simple to locate. It is on the left side, directly across from the smelter.

Heljarchen Hall:

If you locate or buy this farmhouse, The stone deposit is in front of the carpenter’s table. If you know where to search, the deposit is easy to find. Quarried stone has a distinct color from the surrounding earth, so you can surely tell that you’ve found it.

Windstad Manor:

When you are here, head to the northeast rock face. When you get there, search for the deposit adjacent to the anvil before the smelter. Once more, remember to bring a pickaxe; otherwise, you won’t be able to mine it.

Different Deposits:

You can find these deposits across the landscape, but you must know their locations. The good news is that you should have enough stones to assist you in building your home because each deposit comprises roughly 4,000 stones.

The following is a list of all the arbitrary stone deposits in Skyrim:

Darkwater Crossing: Darkwater Crossing is a mining community located in the Eastmarch. The smelter is close to the quarry where the stone for Skyrim mine.

Battle-Born Farm, Whiterun: The stone quarry is right on the rock behind the farm, situated east of Whiterun.

Bilegulch Mine: Southwest of Fort Sungard, in the Falkreath Hold, is the Bilegulch Mine. A stone quarry sits to the left of the entrance.

Black Briar Lodge: You can locate the stone quarry behind the Black Briar Lodge, east of Riften.

Embershard Mine: The Embershard Mine, situated halfway between Helgen and Riverwood, is likely the first mine you’ll come across in Skyrim. You can see a stone quarry to the left of the entrance.

Falkreath: There are two sources in the town of Falkreath, located behind the barracks.

Half-Moon Mill: The stone quarry is east of Half-Moon Mill, hidden behind a mound of uncut logs, and north of Falkreath.

Dawnstar: You can find it at the smelter near the Iron Breaker mine.

Dragon Bridge: The stone quarry exists near the northwest of the Dragon Bridge Lumber Camp, which exists in the Haafingar hold between Skyrim quarried stone solitude and Markarth.

Hall of The Vigilant: This one can be a little confusing, but the stone quarry is down the route that leads to the right home, southwest of Dawnstar.

Hlaalu Farm: East of Windhelm is where Hlaalu Farm exists, and the stone quarry is beyond the perimeter fence.

Ivarstead: Ivarstead is simple to locate; all you have to do is stick with the main quest, which will pop up rather early. That said, behind Narfi’s Shack in Skryim is where you’ll find this collection of quarried stones.

Karthwasten: The quarried stone is situated behind the miner’s barracks next to the entrance to Sanuarach Mine in Karthwasten, a settlement in the reach near the Sundered Towers.

Katla’s Farm: You can complete the game’s main mission or rent a cart. The quarried stone exists on the Solitude Stables house’s right side.

Kynesgrove: Kynesgrove is a town in the Eastmarch, south of Windhelm, and should be simple to discover, given it is a part of the main quest. The quarried stone is behind the hotel and to the left, next to the mine.

Morthal: You can locate Skyrim’s one quarry in Morthal, behind the Guardhouse.

Whitewatch Tower: As indicated by the flag on the building’s exterior, Whitewatch Tower is situated northeast of Whiterun.

Winterhold: Behind the Jarl’s longhouse in Winterhold, there is a stone quarry.

What Is The Skyrim Quarried Stone Console Command?

If you don’t know, what is the Skyrim quarried stone item code? Skyrim quarried stone ID is xx00306c. And you can use it in the command console.

  • Put your keyboard’s tilde key {~} into action.
  • Enter player.additem 0300306c and the necessary number of stones after that. For instance, use player.additem 0300306c 50 if you require 50 stones.
  • Hit the Enter key.
  • Shut down the console’s menu.

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