How To Mutant Carp Stardew Valley?

The mutant carp fish is one of the five legendary fish reaching 37 inches. Due to the scarcity of this fish, you must put in a lot of effort in and around the town of Stardew Valley if you wish to catch one.

Fish can catch in the Sewers year-round, including mutant carp stardew. It can only catch once per save file or once per participant in multiplayer because it is one of the five Legendary Fish. This guide will assist you in learning where and how to capture this enormous beast if your goal is to outcompete all other anglers in Stardew Valley. Let’s dive in!

What To Do With Mutant Carp Stardew?

Three recipes can make with it: sashimi, quality fertilizer, and maki rolls. However, any fish in the game can use to make any of these recipes, and Sashimi and Maki Rolls sell for far less than the price of the raw fish.

The stardew valley mutant carp use in the dye pots inside Emily and Haley’s home to create a green color. A base price of 1000g, 1250g for silver quality, and 1500g for gold quality are available for sale. The Mutant Carp can catch between 35 and 37 inches in length.

This specific fish delivers 25 energy and 11 health and may also use to make green dye. Another choice is just to keep it as a pet in an aquarium. But, like other legendary fish, it’s primarily caught for the status.

Where Is The Stardew Valley Mutant Carp Location?

Regardless of the weather, mutant carp can catch in the sewers anytime and during any season. However, you can only catch one per day because you will only spawn after that once you go to bed. Before entering the sewers and confronting this beast, you must do a few activities, which cover in the following sections.

How To Mutant Carp Stardew Valley?

How Rare Is Mutant Carp Stardew?

The Mutant Carp can unlock without any further steps, but you will need entrance to the sewers. A 10% chance of getting the Mutant Carp exists each time you fish in the sewers. It is available year-round and has a difficulty rating of 80.

Only after giving 60 artifacts to the Museum and getting the Rusty Key from Gunther as a reward is this underground spot accessible.

How To Get Into The Sewage System?

Two kids can hear a sound emanating from the sewer pipes when you explore the bottom of the area. After that, they flee in terror. Additionally, you’ll see that this pipe lock. The only person in the city with the key is Gunther, the curator of the Museum and Library.

You must bring Gunther 60 museum-quality objects to obtain the key. Unfortunately, finding the artifacts is easier to say than done.

How to Find Gunther’s Artifacts?

All across Stardew Valley, you can find these artifacts. They appear as minerals, artifacts from the past, relics, and so on. Locating them can occasionally be challenging because they can appear randomly, and their placements can shift during the day.

Some of these can discover on the beach, when randomly wandering across the town, while fishing, through chests, and in the mines.

Geodes are a source of artifacts as well. You will find geodes when fishing or breaking stones, which you may bring to Clint. The blacksmith will crack them open for 25g. It will undoubtedly be the hardest step to take to catch the mutant carp, but it will be worthwhile in the end.

How To Catch Mutant Carp Stardew Valley?

Unlike some legendary fish, the mutant carp stardew valley can catch in any season and weather. It has more stringent requirements for catching them. There is a 10% chance that the Mutant Carp will catch on every cast made inside the sewers.

Using the trap bobber to catch the Mutant Carp is quite beneficial. The catch meter on the right side of the mini-game decreases 33% slower, which is incredibly beneficial because it displays darting behavior.

Which Fish In Stardew Valley Is The One Legendary Fish?

The Crimsonfish, Angler, Legend, Glacierfish, and Mutant Carp are the five legendary fish in Stardew Valley. The other four fish, except the Mutant Carp, have a specific season during which they can fish. Where the Mutant Carp locate, the sewers are only accessible when 60 things give to Gunther’s museum.

Do I Need To Keep The Mutant Carp Stardew?

Once you’ve caught the legendary fish, you can’t do anything special with them. If you want to hold onto the fish until then, they’re quite helpful for achieving a high score in the grange show in the fall. Although you could sell them, you should retain them as a prize because they are unique.

Why Is It So Difficult To Capture Legendary Fish, Stardew?

They prefer to live the longest of all the fish, which makes them challenging to catch. However, using a Trap Bobber will require the strongest rod possible because it gives you more time to bring the fish back to your bar, which is the main benefit.

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