Dota 3 Release Date, Mods, Crossplay Update 2024

With the upcoming release of CS2, the gaming community is once again speculating about Dota 3. As it is the case with big gaming companies, as soon as one game is released, developers are working on something else. Rockstar confirmed that they already started working on Red Dead Redemption 3, even though GTA 6 isn’t out yet. 

Because only a few titles have captured the hearts of millions like Dota 2, the next logical step for Valve is to work on Dota 3. So, let’s check all the rumors and speculations, surrounding Dota 3.

Overview of Dota 3

  • Game Mode: Multiplayer
  • Developer: Valve
  • Release Date: 2024 – 2025 (expected)
dota 3

Dota 3 Release Date

Since the release of Dota 2 on July 9, 2013, fans have been eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the Dota series. However, Valve, the developer of Dota, has remained tight-lipped about the release date of Dota 3.

Despite numerous rumors circulating online, there has been no official statement from the development team regarding the release date. While some speculate that the Game will be announced in late 2023 or early 2024, it is important to note that this is not an official confirmation.

Dota 3 Epic Games Announcement

In April 2019, Epic Games made an announcement that added fuel to the Dota 3 hype. They revealed that developers were planning to release the game exclusively on the Epic Games Store. This official statement from Epic Games confirmed that Dota 3 was indeed in development and would be released shortly.

Of course, it was all an April Fools joke. That game is a Valve exclusive and they would never sell Dota. 

Dota 3 System Requirements

Although Dota 3’s release date remains uncertain, industry experts have made predictions about the game’s minimum system requirements. According to their estimates, the following specifications are expected to ensure smooth gameplay:

CPUIntel Core i3 5th Gen
OSWindows 10 or Windows 11
Storage30 GB
GPUNvidia GeForce 8600

It is important to note that these system requirements are speculative and subject to change as the game’s development progresses. Therefore, it is advisable not to consider them as absolute or final.

Esports and Competitive Scene

One of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of Dota 3 is its impact on the esports and competitive gaming landscape. 

Dota 2 has established itself as a premier esports title, with multi-million-dollar tournaments, dedicated professional teams, and a passionate global fan base. As looms on the horizon, there are high expectations for its role in shaping the future of competitive gaming.

Dota 2’s competitive scene is renowned for its depth and complexity. The success of Dota 2’s competitive ecosystem has drawn significant investment from both esports organizations and major sponsors. The question on many minds is whether Dota 3 will receive similar attention. 

With the backing of Valve and the potential to leverage the existing popularity of the game, That Version could see even larger prize pools, more tournaments, and increased support for professional players. Esports enthusiasts are keeping a close watch on developments in this regard.

Dota 3 on Consoles

While Dota has traditionally been a PC game, there have been discussions and speculations regarding the possibility of Dota 3 making its way to consoles. Here’s what we know about this potential development:

  • The console gaming market has grown significantly, and Valve may see an opportunity to tap into this audience by bringing Dota 3 to consoles.
  • The game should be successful on consoles, it would likely require robust controller support and a user-friendly interface tailored to console gameplay.
  • Valve may explore the option of cross-platform play, allowing console players to compete against PC players, which could expand the player base and enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Adapting a complex and precision-focused game like Dota to consoles could present challenges, but with careful design and consideration, it’s a possibility that excites many in the gaming community.

Cross-Platform Play

One of the intriguing possibilities with Dota 3 is the potential for cross-platform play. If the game successfully makes its way to consoles, as hinted by some speculations, it could lead to an even more inclusive competitive scene. The prospect of console players competing against PC players on an equal footing is a tantalizing concept, and it could open up new avenues for Dota 3’s esports scene.


In summary, while Dota 3’s release date remains uncertain, the rumors and discussions surrounding its potential release and the prospect of it coming to consoles continue to captivate gamers.  Valve’s commitment to the franchise and the evolving gaming landscape suggest that Dota 3 could be a reality in the future, offering exciting new experiences for players across different platforms. Stay tuned for more updates as we eagerly await further news about this highly anticipated game.

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