Escape from Tarkov Skills and Perks: Leveling Up Your Character

Escape from Tarkov is a story-driven Russian Saint-Petersburg-based game developer, is a Battlestate Games. It is a hardcore realistic first-person action RPG/Stimulator with MMO features. As the game progresses with every situation, the Norvinsk region grows more complicated. In the Norvinsk area, located on the frontier between Russia and Europe, the metropolis of Tarkov has now been plunged into anarchy.

It was once a bustling city but is now roamed by rivaling scavenger gangs, former private military forces, and black ops units. The battle state is played amongst all characters, with your existence also the stash and escaping from the depths of Tarkov.

This post will share the skills required to level up the Character. Also, you can find the undetected eft cheats with aimbot to Escape from Tarkov premium way to play the battlelog.

Escape From Tarkov Features Skill List

The Escape from Tarkov requires special features skills. Here are the points; let’s have a look at the skill as stated:

Escape from Tarkov Skills and Perks: Leveling Up Your Character


As a part of the hazardous environmental combat, Escape from Tarkov includes a robust health and damage system. In Health, characteristics include energy, blood loss, fractures, hydration, exhaustion, concussions, intoxication, tremors, etc. In Health, many medical supplies and provisions are necessary to stay alive and focused.


To improve the Hideout to operational condition, the player must install the Power Generator, which consumes fuel. With fuel, the production and regeneration of characteristics will be continued. The stash size will directly depend on the level of the Hideout stash. In addition to the basic modules, the player can install advanced modules that drastically improve living standards and security, accelerate skills leveling, and allow the production of unique items and resources. The most notable is a full-fledged shooting range where players can test weapons.


Insurance allows you to retrieve any items not extracted from a raid with a delay. You can only insure gear items such as weapons and armor, containers like Key tools, Documents or Item cases, and intel items serving as paper maps.

Item Repair

Any gear with armor points can be repaired by a Body armor repair kit, Prapor, Skier, or Mechanic, each having a certain quality and repair cost. Leveling up the loyalty level for any trader will increase the repair cost. Using an armor repair kit can increase the skill level of Light or Heavy Vests, depending on the armor type. Armor repair kits can be used after building the Lavatory level 1 and are improved by upgrading the Lavatory module to level 3 and increasing the Intellect skill.


Looting is the leading source for acquiring items, gear, and weapons throughout the Norvinsk region. It is the easiest way to obtain items found in raid status.

Escape from Tarkov Perks Tier List

Here are the lists for Tarkov perks:

  • Shadow Fight
  • Fight 3
  • Ammo Tier
  • Ammo Chart
  • Survivor Perk
  • Dbd
  • Reddit
  • Noita
  • Armor
  • Gun Tier
  • Deep Rock
  • Zombies Perks

Escape from Tarkov Peeks

Peeking can be described as any movement that makes the user expose their body to the enemy to acquire information, bait, or kill the enemy. Escape from Tarkov offers a variety of complex movement mechanics. These mechanics, especially in various combinations, allow users to peek at the enemy in many ways.

Left Hand Peek vs Right Hand Peek

In Escape from Tarkov, the user-controlled PMC holds their weapon against the right shoulder. Therefore, the player must lean out more to the left than to the right side to acquire a target. Thus, it is recommended to always peek from the right side when possible, as it means when you peek around a corner, you will be able to see the enemy faster, acquire a target more quickly, expose less of your body, and give the enemy least time.


The Escape from Tarkov is a battlestate gameplay that includes different characters where the gamer tries to escape back to the free world from the depths of Tarkov. In this post, we have mentioned the perks and skills of Tarkov, along with the recommended peeking side. If you want to find an escape faster, you can choose the undetected eft cheats with Aimbot and ESP while staying hidden. You would have enjoyed the extra hack will give you an edge while enjoying the game.

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