Where Is The Last Gift In Fortnite? Winterfest Present

For Fortnite players, Winterfest has been an exciting occasion. You can go to the Lodge any day between December 13, 2022, and January 3, 2023, and open a Present of your choice. You can go back to the Lodge and open one additional Present for each day you missed if there is a day when you are unable to access Fortnite.

The Fortnite lobby still indicates that there is one Winterfest present the last present left to open. Even though the event concludes, most players are gathered at the Winterfest Lodge under Sgt. Winter’s watchful eye. Let’s explore where is the last gift in Fortnite.

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Where Is The Last Present On Fortnite (Quick Answer)

Players may now access the Winterfest Lodge thanks to a new tab added as part of the Winterfest promotion to the main Fortnite interface. Players can obtain apparel, gliders, back bling, and more by opening presents inside the lodge.

Where Is The Last Present On Fortnite

Even if the majority of players have unlocked all of the visible gifts, their screens still display that there is still one present in the Winterfest Lodge that needs to be opened.

There is no last gift to open in Fortnite, which is the obvious and direct conclusion. If you have opened all 14 visible presents in the Winterfest Lodge, you have utilized all options.

Sled Ready Guff, lying someplace on the Cozy Lodge floor, is holding the last gift. If you forget to open one of these rewards today, just come back tomorrow to try again. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to access all of these awards soon.

How To Open Last Present In Fortnite?

In Fortnite, you must be on the main lobby page and then scroll across to the snowflake tab if you want to open some presents. Choose Visit Lodge and select the gift you want to open. A fresh presentation will provide every day for the following 14 days. If you miss a day or two, don’t worry; you can catch up on any unopened presents until the event’s conclusion.

How To Open Last Present In Fortnite

Activities at Cozy Lodge

Here are the things you can do at the cozy lodge:

Winterfest Challenges

Pizza is a common sight in Cozy Lodge. A portion of the Winterfest challenges is gathering slices. Pizza may find on the floor in front of the couch, leaning against the speaker. Or you can find a stack of gifts on the right and the table’s left side in the room, near the refrigerator.

Extra XP

It’s chilly outdoors, baby! So take a seat before the fire to earn some free experience points.

Simply For Fun

Additionally, you can use the yellow controller on the sofa to activate a toy motorbike. Click on the stack of gifts to the left of the refrigerator to conceal yourself. You are then turning on and off the neon llama lamp.

How Many Presents Are There In Fortnite?

The gifts from the Fortnite Winterfest aren’t chosen at random. You may select what you want in advance because every package includes a special item. Just be sure to prepare your astonished expression so nobody can tell that you ruined the fun. The list of gifts is below; lower down the page, I’ll show you which gift belongs in every box.

How Many Presents Are There In Fortnite?
  • Har-Har-Har! Glider
  • Outfit Arctic Adeline
  • Stone-cracking Pickaxe
  • Little Prancer Emoticon
  • Sneak Slush Wrap
  • Season’s Guffings and Slush-Faced Sprays
  • Emoticon Boom Bauble
  • Tear & Rip Lobby Track
  • Whirligig Glider in Winter
  • Back Bling Fa-La-La-Llama
  • Christmas Gift Wrap
  • Tracks from Fractured Melody and When the Wind Blows
  • Contrail Ribbon Trail
  • Sled Prepared Guff Gear

As promised, there are a total of 17 gifts or 14 gifts. After you’ve unwrapped the other presents. You must save the one that Gruff in the center of the room is holding for the final day of Winterfest. Before that time, he won’t release it. You must save the Arctic Adeline Outfit present for last because it is also off-limits.

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