Is Forest Cross-Platform in 2024? Can We Play Multiplayer with Friends

The gameplay in The Forest Game is extremely varied and includes gathering resources, constructing a house, lighting a fire, looking for a lost kid, and much more. The game’s objective is to live for as long as possible without getting eaten by wolves, bears, or the enigmatic darkness creeping into various game areas.

Making a game cross-platform compatible is a difficult job. These devices include computers, laptops, smartphones, Xbox series, PlayStation 4, and 5. Making games cross-platform compatible is a significant issue and a time-consuming job. This article will examine whether the game Forest is cross-platform.

Is Forest CrossPlay And Cross Platform?

Is Forest on all platforms? Users frequently pose this query but might disagree with the response.  I’ll define the word cross-platform for those who are unfamiliar.

Is The Forest Cross Platform

Cross-platform refers to the ability of multiple players to play the same game in multiplayer mode or simultaneously on various platforms. Here, a different platform refers to two players playing the same game simultaneously on two distinct platforms, such as an Xbox, a PlayStation 4, or a PlayStation 5.

Is Forest Cross Platform For PC and PS4

This game is not your typical computer game. Instead, it’s a distinctive experience that submerges participants in the real world. In The Forest Game, where players must spend time gathering resources, constructing their homes, and fending off zombies, they can feel the real rush of survival.

Is the Forest PS5 and Xbox? The Forest cannot play on both Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Sony and Microsoft would have to endorse this, which both still need to do. You can play on both platforms separately, but cross-platform play must be feasible. Currently, Sony and Microsoft’s choices make this unfeasible.

Is Forest Cross Platform in 2024?

More games are switching to cross-play, which provides more versatility and gameplay choices not previously available. Cross-platform gaming is now very common.

To answer the initial question, will The Forest Cross Platform exist in 2024? NO is the answer. In 2024, The Forest cannot play on multiple devices. On a specific gameplay platform, however, it is playable by all generations.

Is The Forest Cross Platform Pc And Ps4

Top Alternative Games of Forest

If you had fun playing The Forest and are looking for more titles in a similar vein. Try one of these 5 comparable games.

The Long Dark:

Another survival game that resembles The Forest quite a bit is The Long Dark. Players take on the part of bush pilot Will Mackenzie, who crashes lands after a geomagnetic storm in the chilly Canadian wilderness.

The Long Dark has outstanding graphics and goes to great lengths to create a realistic survival scenario when played from a first-person point of view. You’ll need to be aware of your thirst, hunger, strength, body temperature, and the environmental factors that could either guarantee your survival or result in your death.


Other players are the only group worse than the cannibal groups in the Forest by abandoning you in a vast multiplayer server with nothing but a rock and a torch. Rust swaps in intelligent AI foes for even smarter, crueler human ones.

You know the routine: break rocks and trees, erect crafting stations, seek out unique resources and gradually gather better equipment. You’ll eventually be using heavy armor and potent weapons. These additional players add tension and interest to the game of Rust and provide numerous chances for mischief.

Green Hell:

A first-person combat game is called Green Hell situated in a forest. You play as scientist Mike Higgins, who begins the game on the outskirts of the Amazon rainforest. Like The Forest, you’ll need to fend for yourself while frantically looking for your missing wife, Mia, who got lost after entering a tribal community.

The gameplay heavily emphasizes gathering resources and creating new survival items, but players must also construct their shelters. They keep themselves healthy by becoming knowledgeable about traditional medicine.

Project Zomboid:

Although many The Forest players will be eager to try wilderness survival games like Green Hell or Rust, Project Zomboid is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for another scary game. Project Zomboid is a vertical game with a straightforward objective: live as long as possible. That is Awsome To Know project Zomboid is cross-platform.

You’ll need to avoid becoming overly hungry, stressed out, or exhausted while avoiding the zombie hordes to accomplish that. Project Zomboid has a cool skill system that requires you to study books to advance your knowledge.


Subnautica isn’t a horror game; it has many frightening creatures that will jump-scare you and endanger your life. Although The Forest offers four distinct game modes, players trying to survive will probably want to stay with the survival or hardcore modes.

You’ll stand on a sparsely populated ocean world with a complicated ecosystem. Dive to uncover everything the world offers, but watch out for your oxygen levels as you learn more about the abundant wildlife and develop your abilities.

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