Is Klombo Back In Fortnite 2023 and Where to find?

Fortnite is well-known for its distinctive, imaginative game characters and environments. Some characters are so endearing that they have captured players’ hearts. The Dino Klombo was one of them. If you want to know, Is klombo back in Fortnite chapter 3 season 4? One of the most beautiful Fortnite creatures in Chapter 3, Season 4 is the placid dinosaur Klombo.

The adventure Klombo has been on since he emerged from the ice in Chapter 3 of Season 4 is thrilling. The tiny dinosaur immediately became the most popular animal on the island. Players have been pleading for Klombo’s return since he vanished from the map. There have been numerous leaks that indicate the charming dinosaur may soon make a comeback.

Who Is Klombos In Fortnite?

A huge dinosaur named Klombo is roaming the map. He has a nice face and awkward legs. Because he is a peaceful creature, he won’t hurt you. If you feed him Klomberries, he will gift you a weapon, ammunition, or consumable. Additionally, he has a jump pad on his skull that resembles a geyser.

The dinosaur is not helpless, though. If some player attacks or shoots him, he becomes wild and fights back. To do this, he frequently spews acid, which can quickly kill players. However, other players cannot kill him, as he possesses an infinite life bar.

How Did Klombo Pass Away?

Klombo expels from the island due to the fight between the Imagined Order and The Seven in Fortnite. There are numerous explanations for Klombo’s demise. The one that seems most likely is that he hid underground during the conflict between the Seven and the IO Guards.

But he starved to death because no food was available, and the fighting dragged on for a long time. We can anticipate a comeback.

Is Klombos Still In Fortnite?

When Is Klombo Coming Back

Klombo was the animal’s name that Epic Games ultimately decided on, which was amazing. Klombos remained in the game until March 2022 after being vaulted with the release of Chapter 3, Season 2.

Klombos were vaulted and permanently deleted from the game’s data. They won’t add back soon; that is certain. There are no Klombos on this island because the old island destroys, and Chapter 4, Season 1, is set in a new world.

When Is Klombo Coming Back?

When Is Klombo Coming Back

The bulk of Loopers was disappointed by his death. Many players have been actively wishing for Klombo to return to the game since his skull proved that he had passed away. Sadly, the absence of Klombo in Chapter 3, Season 4, disappointed players.

As a result, the announcement of Chapter 4 was a sight to behold. In Fortnite Chapter 4, a fresh area and plotline can provide new opportunities for Klombo to return.

Where To Find Klombo Fortnite?

Klombos are enormous and loud creatures, making them difficult to miss. You might hear them before you see them, or you might watch them tearing down trees and buildings before you see them. Due to their size, they usually spawn in more open places.

Klombo is hard for players to see because they move so slowly. Players can listen for changes in the overworld soundtrack and their footsteps, roars, and other sounds that might lead them properly.

The approximate places on the map where I’ve found Klombos are here. Klombos are wanderers and constantly move from one place to another, making it difficult for players to pinpoint exactly where to find one.

Fortnite Reward
  • To the south of Coney Crossroads
  • North-northeast of Daily Bugle, along the coast
  • North of Logjam Lumberyards, on the beach
  • Southwest, west of Chonker’s Speedway, south of Greasy Grove
  • The Joneses to the north

How Many Klombos Are There In Fortnite?

Due to extensive digging and searching, only three Klombos will spawn in any match. Most significantly, these Klombos stay within a reasonable distance from where they spawn. If they do, there’s a good possibility that one of the other players attracted them to the location where you’re seeing them now. However, it does seem like a challenging endeavor, given that the map is vast and you need to seek down these Klombos before attracting them. If you want to try gathering several Klombos in one location, you may try accomplishing that utilizing Klomberries.

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